"Bought in 2000 as cheap project ,smoked about for a year with renthals,twin spots n stumpy race can.
2001 fitted Unatec 916 style seat unit n jack-up ,didn't get on with the seat unit so off it came n back down the garage 2 weld all the brackets n shit 2 hold O/E bodywork.
2002 fitted a Barnett H/Duty cluch plates n springs, Pyramid Plastics colour matched mono-seat conversion n a Just Bandits twin tail-light/indicator undertray n a bita spit n polish on all the engine cases. Trouble was it looked 2 subtle/ standard.
2003 fitted complete USD front end off my TL 1000R, billet top yoke n risers , Acerbis fairing n RGV 250 front mudguard,Art EVO rear hugger,,. ripped off all the clocks n idiot lights etc.,had a bit more polishingCouldn't get get on without any clocks n shit so off down 2 T.E.S for a top yoke mod 2 take std clocks, ignition n std headlight,
EXILE (JIM) Bandit 12 Streetfighter couldn't get on with the 2"jacked-up arse n 2" dropped front end, so back off 2 T.E.S for some fork extentions,finally happy with the look n the handling so got it all ready 2 be painted,but couldn't decide on a colour, so spent another year scratchin about.Then changed me mind again about the clock/lights set up
Got hold of a Harris ELR twin spot fairing n thought thats it !!! Ken Cooper sorted out stage 3 filters n dynojet kit ,pushin out 118.5 bhp n 90 torque
2004 came 2 a stndstill as i went out n got a std 97 Fireblade for some serios scratchin and 2 give me some time 2 finally make up me fuckin mind about the Bandit.
Summer 2004 out came the angle grinder again 2 lop of the subframe,picked up a Zed 650 Zedbutt n shipped it all off 2 P.E.S.T .for a new subframe n battery box i thought.
Time 2 flex the plastic in came rearsets ,micron headers, goodridge extra wide oil cooler kit, stage 1 GSXR cams ,n that would do itThen i fancied a underbraced swingarm until Roy at PEST showed me their Spondon style just gotta avit banana arm .Thats another 1 checked off the wish list i thought. Then came the black anodised fork legs,. DNA nose fairing ,drag bars, GSXR/busa master cylinders n braided lines throughout
And FINALLY decided on a colour scheme in glorious BLACK all over just aint 2 sure about the wheels ? Maybe not even the black only time can tell- watch this space
Wheels have gone black with polished rims,out goes the fairing in comes the traditional twins clutch cover two outlets going into 2 filters however getting a bottle like sparts made up from weld tek exhaust reroutedgone back to the twin spot arebis fairing more agresive looks redone the exhaust to finish at the bottom of the bikebike smoking so off to ken cooper 1216 big bore on the way ready for 2006 new seat being constructed and hopefullt some paint on the swingarm
Jan 2006 ...came the engine rebuild time,So i went to see the main man Ken Cooper the GSXR tuning god. He sorted the 1216 slugs, dialed in GSXR cams, the head went away to Roger Upperton for him to wave his magic stick over. While this was getting done i ripped out the swingarm for powdercoating, scored a new Hagon rear shock and polished the tie-rods, rear sprocket torque arm and caliper hanger
 I wanted to create that open look on the engine so i ditched the ally battery box mounted above the rear shock so folks could see the engine from behind. The subframe came off and hit with the gas axe to except the smallest gel battery on the market. I got Weldtek to sort the subframe and to blank off the bottom rails so i could hide the wiring upto the battery in the seat hump..This then went off for powdercoating. The bodywork went down to a local firm aswell for a slabside inspired paintjob.So thats the rear end sorted and the paint, i then started to look at the front end....
next came the Acewell mini speedo/tacho/idiots set up and some billet resevoirs from T.E.S for the mastercylinders. Mounting the speedo ment moving the ignition, so i got hold of a Buell ignition and mounted it into the frame blanks by the headstock. This then started me on the wiring loom. Being a bit self critical bordering on anal when it comes to wiring i got out the maunal and gutted the loom down to the bare essentials and plumbed in a Dyna 2000 ignition.Then came the urge for some of T.E.S's thug yokes and a set of Renthal fat bars. While it was away i started thinking on the exhaust. So i got them to knock up a Harris style drag pipe....that lasted a full 2 days before i cut it off and went back to my underslung system. I got the Carbon Can Co to make me a carbon oval slip on can.....lavley.."


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